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This is jukebox gold and a guaranteed slam dunk in the good-humor department. You'll both sound wretched when you belt out the chorus. Father John Misty—as we've discussed before—is your anti-pop star in that he shirks industry standards and just wants to sing (and write) for his supper. It's a modern classic, an indie dreamboat anthem and one of the most underrated singles of last year. It's timeless for a multitude of reasons, the first and foremost being its relatable, lyrical bones. Refreshing, boundary-pushing rock tropes of today coupled with the lyrical sincerity of the days of Dylan and Cash: "I said life without end wouldn't have any meaning/The journey to death is the point of our being/Well the point of my life is to be with you babe/But there ain't enough time in the life that they gave me." Take the risk with this complicated, emotional wallop, as it will likely be worth it. Conor Oberst's duet with Emmylou Harris is one of the most striking dirges he's ever released, an unfurling ballad with a snowballing intensity that demands a moment of silence at the end of it.

Any human knows Miguel is the king of lyrical sex, and the surprise country twang works oh so very well. Don't be afraid of breaking out movie-soundtrack favorites for a girl, especially if they're covers: If it's a good one, like Seu Jorge's version of "Life on Mars" from If: You want to introduce her to her new favorite band. Your good intentions are plain by the second verse.

Addictive soul riffs, gorgeous voices, beautiful women, Australian: The only reason she hasn't dubbed Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes her new favorite band is because you haven't introduced her to them yet.

Do that, and get additional points for bringing the best of Oz to her headphones while unabashedly flirting with her.

A boy from a small town takes a big shot and asks his celebrity crush to prom on video.

She says yes after the video goes viral, but things get a bit complicated when she realizes she might be falling for the boy's teacher.

The Pretty Famous score quantifies the fame of the film's cast members based on the number of awards the actors and actresses have ever been nominated for, combined box office gross of all the movies the actors and actresses have been in, and the current internet popularity of the cast.

Pretty Famous is an entertainment site that uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools.

Allow me to state the obvious: British guys are dreamy.

If that’s a stereotype, I hope it’s one they’re happy to bear.

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