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The more expensive the sales, the higher your commission payout, the fatter your pocket.

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The package is a stand-alone database and does not include any email design or delivery.

For database that is not automatically sent to you, we will be processing after receiving your payments to send you the latest version we have.

We will send you within 2 working days You can send out your emails through your existing email client such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc.

to email to your potential customers and hope they will increase your sales? We spend countless hours putting this file together just for you and we definitely did not resell other companies database.

Singapore most comprehensive & valuable business contacts for Suppliers and Consumers.

In today’s business, it is not good to have business database, it is absolutely necessary.There are tons of business directory listings and advertisement everywhere, finding the correct customer or supplier will be a nightmare.SG business database is here to help you and your business to reduce cost and time.No more wasting time going through directories to find your potential customer & supplier.Imagine how much time you will save and put into productive use to generate more revenue.By various job titles such as Top Management (GM, Director & above), Marketing, Human Resource, Advertising / Media / Agency, Sales / Business Development, Global / Regional, IT, Financial, Accounts, Admin / Office, Manager, Purchasing ,etc, and By industries such as Manufacturing, Marketing, Human Resources, Education & Training, Distribution, Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverages, Petrol / Oil / Chemical, Building & Construction, Transport, Travels, Hospitality & Hotels, Engineering, Medical, Retail, Insurance, etc. Imaging if you are able to market your high end property or high premium insurance plan to cash rich individuals in Singapore; sounds exciting yea?

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