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Hi Nina, I’m Scottish and have recently started dating an Asian guy.

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From what you’ve said in your email – you’ve met a great guy- have fun! For the last three years I’ve been looking for a long term partner and I’m just fed up.

I go on two or three dates a week whether it’s through internet dates or family set ups but nothing seems to happen.

I met a couple of girls that I liked but after a few dates things just fizzled.

My friends say I’m a catch- alright looking, good job, down to earth etc…so I just don’t know why I’m struggling to meet the right girl. It’s great to hear from a male asian dating perspective.

It sounds like you have a major case of ‘dating fatigue’.

I’ll give you a pat on the back for being pro-active but think you may have taken it too far the other way.

You might be going on too many dates, so take your time, and think about what you’re really looking for in a date.

You’ve said that you’re fed up and that jaded outlook is probably coming across on your dates.

Also going into a date with the mind set that you are looking for a serious relationship can put pressure on the date and you may find yourself making snap decisions about people.

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