Dating after quitting drinking

As usual, they insist me couple of times to drinks but when they see that its of no use, they give up.

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I was going to reward myself with couple of drinks after an abstinence period of 13 days. Since I drank after such a long gap, it showed its effects almost immediately and I was in a state of mind that was quite familiar to me couple weeks back. Does not matter whether you are a light drinker or heavy, you will be given reasons that since it is weekend, you should drink. Go watch a movie, read a book that you have thrown in a corner after reading first chapter. Following is an excerpt from that chat: Sati: hi me: hello Sati: how are you man? ab to daru bhi chhor di hai maine Sati: I guessed so. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn what people say about me. Alcohol was affecting my brain, health, family life, finances and everything else. He that is drunk is not a man, because he is, for so long, void of reason that distinguishes a man from a beast.

This time when I am writing this post, I am being offered a drink. I will be lying if I say I was not excited about Day 6(Saturday). True that you should enjoy on weekends but drinking is not the *only* way to celebrate. After finishing dinner, all I did was throw myself into bed without caring for anything. Feeling like there is a thin layer of something wrapped all around my brain. I go home in time, prepare dinner, eat heartily and the best part is that there is a lot of time left after it. There are so many books that I have read only 20%-30%. As we have not met since a long time, he was inviting me, along with other friends to his home for partying. Sati: haven’t met since a long time me: yes it has been too long. Though these reactions are not reasons for my giving up daily drinking but they do make me uncomfortable. It reveals secrets, is quarrelsome, lascivious, impudent, dangerous and mad.

But now I have no difficulty and I am giving company by sitting with friends but not taking a sip of this liquid. Earlier I used to go home drunk or had drinks while preparing dinner. After talking about other things our conversation turned towards drinking. Moreover, if I meet or talk to someone after a long time, their first question to me(after exchanging wishes) is – Are you still drinking daily? I consider these reactions as my most embarrassing moments. If you are also an alcoholic and care about what others say, quit drinking. It spoils health, dismounts the mind, and unmans men.

Hi friends, Writing after a really long long time today, almost one month. No withdrawal symptoms and no more cravings for alcohol.

It has been 2 months since I started this little experiment of quitting alcohol and I can now proudly say that I am no more addicted to alcohol.

Although I have repeated it several times, I started of with a promise to myself of having drinks twice a week instead of daily. Wish me good luck😉 I have not posted anything this week so far.

After the end of 1st week, I extended that period and made once per 2 weeks.

I kept doing that and now after almost 2 months I am free of alcohol.

In past 2 months I can write out the dates when I drank (earlier I would remember dates when I did not ). My 2 drinking partners have also taken new year resolutions to quit.

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