Dating a smart woman

The other day I have been reading a topic on one of the message boards that discuss relationships between men and women, and what attracted my attention was a huge number of tall beautiful women.

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You can either limit your choice or try dating a tall girl. Since tall handsome men are often taken by petite girls (that’s a subject for another article), tall women tend to look at shorter men with more interest. Taller women also attract more attention when they go out.

If you date a tall girl, you can be sure that many men will envy you.

There is also a big chance people will think you are dating a model. In this article it is also necessary to mention a certain type of short men whose biggest sexual fantasy features a tall woman.

Actually, I have a colleague who only looks at tall singles on the street.

He wants a woman with a bright gorgeous appearance and a big height. Dating a tall woman brings lots of pleasure to these men and is a huge turn-on.

You must have some Tall Friends who complain there are not enough tall women for them to date.

When they actually meet a smart and beautiful tall girl, they are over the moon.

Most of the time, these women do sports professionally or work as models. If your tall male friend still cannot find a partner, help him out by inviting him to watch a women’s volleyball championship, for instance, or by buying a couple tickets to Victoria Secret’s fashion show.

Contrary to popular opinion, tall women are very nice and sociable and they are often open to new acquaintances.

If you are shorter than a woman you like, do not let this little thing stop you.

Look around and see how many couples have height difference but are still extremely happy in their relationship.

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