single black men online dating - Dating a priest

They speak about justice, yet they expect their parishioners to help the parish for FREE.

We don’t wish to become a site for bashing of priests but sometimes we do notice certain patterns especially when priests do fool women. The dictionary would explain it simply as the abstention from sexual relations.

The spirit of the gospel is not playing and going around with rules about not having a sexual relationship but much more.

In the gospel of Matthew chapter 5: This is just normal teaching for ordinary Catholics.

It seems that many priests are experts when it comes to manipulating women or to please their inner desires.

They preach to others what to do and what NOT to do, yet in their private personal lives they come up with any justification in order to excuse themselves for breaking the law.

People who know priests personally could testify about this.

I do remember some priests who do not eat meat on Wednesdays and Fridays during lent as a sign of penitence and solidarity with the poor.

During these two weekdays, they just go for some of the most expensive fish in town!!!

But they tell their conscience that they are not eating meat!

They tell others not to receive the Eucharistic sacrament when committing ‘grave’ sins.

Yet they don’t find any problem of celebrating mass after a night of love making with a parishioner!

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