blind dating 2016 part 1 - Data updating

Manage(Edit Profile View Model model) { if (Model State. Mappings are proper and are working with the register form. but that will update the user in the context, and then we will need to save changes to the dbcontext of the Identity.

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Birthdate; // This is the part that doesn't work var result = await User Manager. I ended up wrapping the user entity in a repository pattern and got it to work.

To solve this, we should not create the I can confirm that for this example the last line was most definitely required to persist the changes to the database.

This is using the latest stable version of Identity 2 available for a webforms application.

At first I tried using Update Async and it got the same results as you did.

Save Changes(); } I also had problems using Update Async when developing a version of Simple Security that uses ASP. For example, I added a feature to do a password reset that needed to add a password reset token to the user information. Update Async(user) method will work because it is using your Data Context to save the extra properties you've added to your custom application user.

Once you have done that, then you can get an instance of the User Manager in your Api Controller and the User Manager.

From Days(14), Allow Insecure Http = true }; The User Manager Factory setting line of code is what you use to associate your custom Data Context with the User Manager.

Update Async(user); (new Application Db Context())); OAuth Options = new OAuth Authorization Server Options { Token Endpoint Path = new Path String("/Token"), Provider = new Application OAuth Provider(Public Client Id, User Manager Factory), Authorize Endpoint Path = new Path String("/api/Account/External Login"), Access Token Expire Time Span = Time Span.

Last Name = form["Last Name"]; } Identity Result result = await User Manager.

NET developers who need to create items and update field values in a Sitecore Web Content Management repository.

This resource assumes the reader is familiar with various concepts fundamental to Sitecore, such as data templates and fields.

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