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Alan Clarke (top row left to right), Ashley Alan Dad, Chi Chong Donald Wong, Danny Flynn and Daniel 'Turkey' O'Brien.

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Powdered rhino horn is thought to be the most valuable commodity on earth and can fetch as as much as £50,000 per kilo in China.

Among those convicted of conspiracy to steal were six members of the same Rathkeale based O’Brien family, travellers' rights campaigner Richard Sheridan, and Donald Chi Chong Wong, a London-based “fence” who made frequent trips to Hong Kong.

As a result of the raids many museums removed rhino horns from display, but the gang simply targeted rare Oriental artefacts such as jade ornaments and vases instead.

There were raids at the Norwich Castle Museum, an auction house in Lewes, East Sussex and the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow as well as those in Cambridge and Durham.

Detective Superintendent Adrian Green, of Durham Police, said: “If you think the Hatton Gardens break-in was big, this will blow that out of the water.” One Ming Dynasty bowl that was taken from in the Durham University raid was estimated to be worth as much as £16 million, but was later discovered dumped on waste ground.

During one bungled raid the thieves attempted to make off with a rhino’s head that was on display at Norwich Castle Museum, but were forced to dump it because it was too heavy to carry.

The court heard that the ringleaders would “hire” in criminals to carry out the raids, some of whom were aged just 15.

DS Green said: “If you look at the audacity of what they do and the value of the property that they have taken, I think that makes them significant criminals both within the UK and potentially across the world.” John Davies from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “This large organised crime group were in pursuit of high profits and targeted museums up and down the country because of their valuable artefacts.

The items the group were interested in were Chinese artefacts, primarily rhinoceros horn which, when powdered, is the most valuable commodity on earth.” Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon, the national policing lead for organised crime, said: "This complex and lengthy operation resulted from initial work done by the Durham and Cambridgeshire forces who uncovered the offending of a sophisticated criminal network responsible for a series of high value offences across the country.

"Organised crime takes many forms and seeks to exploit any opportunity to harm communities and make criminal profit.

"This case starkly demonstrates the level of threat, the lengths criminal gangs will go to and the importance of law enforcement agencies sharing intelligence and working together." John O’Brien, Richard Sheridan, Chi Cheong Donald Wong, Ashley Dad, Paul Pammen, Alan Clarke, Patrick Clarke, Robert Gilbert Smith, Daniel Flynn, Richard O’Brien (Junior), John O’Brien (Junior), Michael Hegarty, Daniel O’Brien and Terence Anthony Mc Namara, were all convicted of conspiracy to steal.

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