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The cast was finding their chemistry/characters and episode 14 gets both of these elements righ The episode where Jae Suk honed his water gun mastery skills (and had his pants pulled down in RMs infamous scandal).This was the only episode where I thought the cast went a little too far…the insults were, I hate to say it, insulting and not always in a funny way.

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While I do not blame the cast I think this challenge was a little too mean for variety. Paranoia is the word of the day as the RM cast reels from last episodes introduction of the spy concept.

Funny first mission as the cast is chased by SNSD, all while suspecting each other. A look inside Ha-Ha’s apartment, if it was being raided by repo men.

Haha’s disbelief, annoyance, and dramatic outbursts make this episode.

The uploads and subs are not of my making, they are found on a variety of sites that offer the show with English subtitles (and in no way do I take any credit /ownership of the linked videos, all credit goes to the site at the other end of the link.

My motive in providing the links is to give fellow fans an organized and easily accessible way to watch Running Man).

I have tried to stay away from sites that use adfly or another of the “earn a buck for this link” programs.

While there are advertisements I made a conscious effort to steer clear of them as much as possible (sorry about the later episodes for non drama fever subscribers, this site can be a bit heavy on the ads for non subscribers). The cast is forced to watch clips from their early years in the entertainment industry.

As parting words, I urge you to do the following: please let me know if a link is not working- I will do my best to find a working version, let me know what you think of the episodes- love or hate, and more importantly enjoy! By far Yoo Jae Suk’s is the funniest…and most disturbing.

Also the episode where we learn that Gary feels no pain (unless Ji Hyo rejects him that is).

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