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Arriving in Utah in 1857, they settled in Bluffdale at the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley, where they worked very hard at making a new home.

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Attracted by her appearance, David asked, “Whose beautiful girl have you there, Washington? Now, being an upcoming leader in his community and church, David, like other church leaders at the time, had been urged by President Brigham Young to take another wife.

This he had resisted until, coming to a Conference in Salt Lake in October 1867, Brigham Young again urged him to take the step.

His first wife was more than willing, and cooperated in the choice of Josephine Crosgrove.

Josephine Langley Crosgrove was the last of seven children born in Wilmington, Delaware, September 7, 1848 to Theresa Raymond and Charles Wright Crosgrove.

The Crosgrove’s had had only one boy followed by five girls.

When Theresa was expecting another child, Father Charles hoped for a boy.When their last baby was also a girl, he named her Josephine and called her Jo “to make a boy of her.” When the Mormon elders came explaining Mormonism, her father Charles and her two older sisters Elizabeth and Rebecca, would have none of it, but her mother Theresa and her brother Bayard (James Ashburton Bayard) were interested.After a brief illness, her father Charles Crosgrove died and was buried on Josephine’s fourth birthday, September 7, 1852.Later scarlet fever nearly killed Josephine, but her recovery was made possible through a blessing under the hands of Angus M. Family tradition also credits Angus Cannon with baptizing the family.As converts to the Church, the spirit of “gathering” impelled the Crosgrove family to join the Saints in the West.Along with a family they had close ties with, the Titus Mousley family; they began their long journey to Utah in the wagon train captained by Thomas S. As inheritance laws prohibited the sale of family real estate until its youngest member had reached legal age, the Crosgrove family had to leave most of their possessions in Delaware; taking with them only what they could load in an ox-drawn wagon.

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