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But things started off on the bad foot as soon as Nadia and Eden set her up with Jeavon.Jeavon, as you'll remember, was the butler-in-the-buff we met in an earlier episode and instantly disgusted Charlotte."He's RANK!

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The former Geordie Shore star went on a second date with Jeavon Stretton but it quickly went downhill when they started talking about past relationships.

Already starting off on a bad note after Charlotte was 30 minutes late due to an unfortunate case of diarrhoea - their romantic picnic in the park quickly turned into a disaster.

Quizzing Jeavon on how many girls he's slept with, Charlotte asked for a rough number "higher" or "lower" than the number she said.

The show, in case you haven't been watching (but really, why not?!

), sets up celebrities with so called "civilians" - i.e.

non-famous types, to varying degrees of success shall we say.Tonight's episode saw Charlotte step out with Brad Skelly at a chicken restaurant in Newcastle.She continued her interrogation about his age, saying she was getting on well with him but couldn't forget he's 24 (again, he's actually 20).Throw in some bonding on eating chicken covered in hot sauce and swilling milk to deal with the burn, they seemed to be on good tracks.Charlotte also couldn't believe she was having such a good date and was still sober - so she decided to take him out on the Toon for a drink, as they were welcomed by paparazzi photographers outside the restaurant.Will Brad be put off or will he want to see Charlotte for a second date?

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