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fame, or his doppelganger, seems to be dabbling in a bit of midget porn! Too bad he isn't as well-endowed as his friend — do U think it's him?

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Harry and Chelsea reportedly bonded after discovering that they have very similar personalities—they both don’t care about what others think of them, which is why they were comfortable crawling into bed together in front of so many other people.

source described Harry as a “free spirit” and Chelsea as “uninhibited.” “Being wild is Chelsea’s natural default [behavior,]” the insider said.

However, there are no reports that Harry Styles and Chelsea Handler hooked up at the party, and a source told the that they are just unlikely friends who “love to mess around.” They met through a mutual acquaintance, Harry’s manager Jeffrey Azoff.

There’s no hard evidence that Harry Styles and Chelsea Handler actually engaged in some very public pillow talk at a Hollywood party, but last April, Chelsea shared photographic proof that they’ve goofed off together.

According to , she posted a very cheeky Instagram snapshot of herself posing with Harry Styles.

Harry had a huge smile plastered on his face and was shrugging at the camera, and Chelsea was wearing a pair of blue bikini bottoms emblazoned with Harry’s name.

Chelsea revealed that she and the One Direction star were hanging out with mutual pal James Corden, and host Caroline Flack.

Harry was just 17 when he started dating the 32-year-old, who was his first high-profile girlfriend.

Shortly before the singer hooked up with Caroline, he allegedly had a fling with a married 33-year-old DJ named Lucy Horobin. Harry Styles does have a cut-off age when it comes to who he dates, and Chelsea Handler is actually a few years below the line.

According to the star admitted that she prefers dating younger guys because older men aren’t as fun when they drink.

“I’ve been dating a couple of younger guys and I like where that’s headed more,” Chelsea said.

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