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Compared to far more expensive £1.50 to £3.50 a minute premium rate adult chat rates, our call rates provide excellent value for money. Before setting up UK Phone Sex Thrills, we researched the premium rate adult chat industry across the UK.

We spent 12 hours calling 24 different uk phone sex chat numbers for 10 minutes each at 3 different chat rates.

The numbers with cheaper calling rates delivered kinkier and far more natural conversation, compared to the cost of calling more expensive UK premium rate adult chat numbers.

Calling cheap phone sex chat numbers DOES NOT mean a lesser experience.

You will spend far less time watching the clock, and all of your time enjoying the thrills of good old-fashioned sex talk with real sex contacts who enjoy phone sex talk.

Don’t be seduced by expensive UK premium rate adult chat numbers promising you the earth.

Chat longer at cheap rates with naughty satisfaction levels. The cost of calling the numbers can be found clearly published underneath every single number.

Finding each number is simple, simply browse the adult chat subjects and call the recommended number for your prefered phone sex chat subject. Enjoy UK Phone Sex Thrills 24 hours any day at cheap rates.

Whilst ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true to an extent, calling expensive premium rate adult chat numbers does not actually produce greater levels of satisfaction.

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