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The popular app Yik Yak bore witness to a vicious storm between those disgusted with the alleged groups behaviour and those defending the reputation of Ag Science students.

First year student, Sarah (who requested her surname be withheld) outlined her understanding of the group chat as operating “with around 200 Ag Science lads involved, all from different years, where they shared stories about girls they had sex with, shared the girls’ nudes, and then posted the girls’ facebook pages where they’d all rate them out of 10.” Another online poster proportining to be a student involved in the group chat defended the members, ‘as an Ag lad who’s in most of the groups, I have to say we’re not all the same…

Most of the guys on the group don’t even partake in what’s happening!

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One commenter stated “Yeah but were not all sickos like those lads.

Yeah it is a big number but at the end of the day like how unfair is it to say that a CAO choice somehow defines you like that”.

The actions of the group are an example of behavior that is by no means exclusive or exhaustive or Ag Science students, as another poster pointed out.

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It is believed a private Facebook groupchat with as many as 200 members is active among male students in UCD, in which members share and rate stories and pictures of girls they have slept with.

The revelation is the most recent example of the continued prevalence of a harmful and derogatory ‘lad culture’ amongst the student body in UCD.

The group is understood to be made up of predominately Agricultural Science students, in what is now the second controversy involving members of the course in a year.

Last March a private Facebook page titled ‘Girls I’d shift if I was tipsy’ was exposed.

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