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In the conclusion, the author advocates for rejecting mandatory individual vaccination and supporting institutional mandates that protect the right of the individual to decline vaccination for religious, medical, or philosophical reasons. In the United States (US), between 19, an average of 226,000 persons were hospitalized and 36,000 died each year as a result of complications from influenza (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2007).

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Healthcare workers have identified a number of barriers to vaccination.

Although multi-faceted programs that eliminate these barriers and support voluntary vaccination have been effective in increasing vaccination rates, these programs are a recent phenomenon, and have not been widespread.

Healthcare agencies are now considering mandatory influenza vaccination for their healthcare providers.

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Since 1981 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that healthcare workers receive vaccination against influenza in an effort to reduce transmission of the virus to their colleagues and to the vulnerable people in their care.

To date inadequate progress has been made in terms of increasing yearly healthcare worker influenza vaccination rates.

In this article the author reviews influenza epidemiology, prevention, vaccination, and evidence related to vaccination benefits; and discusses the elimination of barriers to vaccination.

Voluntary interventions to increase vaccination rates are described. Key words: barriers to vaccination, communicable disease, influenza, influenza vaccine, influenza transmission by healthcare personnel, institutional vaccination programs, patient safety, mandatory vaccination, voluntary vaccination DOI: 10.3912/OJIN.

The benefits and challenges of mandatory vaccination, including both mandating of individual vaccination and institutional vaccination programs are reviewed. Vol15No01PPT03 Influenza, an infectious disease that occurs annually in temperate regions around the world, affects an estimated 5-15% of the world’s population and results in 500,000 deaths annually (World Health Organization, [WHO], 2009b).

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