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Threats about legal actions against people recording you are pretty much useless, just for a fact that people from all over the world are watching you.

How are you going to sue someone from some third world country?

And the thing is that you have no idea if someone has recorded you and will post it online at some later date. Even though the token system has in a way made cam4 worse there's still lot of true exhibitionism going on.

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But still, there's lot of super hot guys there, and some couple cameras are also hot as hell.

The problem is unfortunately always that there's too few women visiting cam4 as viewers and straight guy notice it pretty fast, meaning that if they don't start token whoring they just don't broadcast again. Maybe, and even probably if a recording of you is put online. At this time of history it does matter if a video of you wanking is online for everyone to see, but maybe in the future so many of us have sex pictures and videos online that it makes no difference anymore.[quote]Many of those guys are exhibitionists who are thrilled that their stuff is so widely available. Some of those guys (and girls) have great, and sometimes fun, energy in them.

Unfortunately some token whore people, especially from Eastern Europe, seem to be part of the sex trade, and sometimes I'm even wondering that is someone forcing them to be online.

I have only recently started watching men and women broadcast sexual activity on these sites. OP, Western society has become obsessed with itself, particularly 20 and 30 somethings.

I am on its brother site for gays and never gotten laid once although I had a few creepy offers. I just have it on while I am busy with other things and often see something just incredible. It's all about you retaining copyright on the images and video.

Most are clearly identifiable and leave nothing to the imagination. No, I don't, actually Looking at chaturbate is like looking at animals in the zoo, they look bored and lifeless. Mostly a straight site BUTT, not nearly as straight as they claim in their profiles. It's not about the fact that people - strangers - have seen you back that gaping baseball-bat-dropping asshole up against the camera.

Please explain[quote] Do you broadcast your sexual activity on the internet via places like chaturbate and AFF? I have gotten laid more from that site than any other avenue to score.

This stuff never goes away and can haunt you 20 years from now.

In their desperation to be seen and noticed and to be 'edgy', the most recent generation to reach adulthood has ditched the remaining decorum of common, basic, human decency for self-exploitation.

That's your answer, that's the truth and it's really very sad for humanity.

When you broadcast online you have to assume that you are constantly being recorded.

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