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A series of sketches featuring a morally dubious consultancy company begin several episodes.Initially a satire on the Royal Mail renaming itself Consignia, the company charges large amounts of money on ridiculous rebranding exercises, e. renaming cancer as "Closure" and advertising it as an attractive end-of-life option or rebranding the Fire Service as 'Icarus' to combat their reputation as an "essentially reactive organisation" by going into the frothy coffee business.The man who invents their new brand names is an international adventurer who looks like Lord Byron.

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In each episode, Clive walks slowly through the city back home, which is located in a tower block of high-rise flats.

He arrives home (sometimes months or even years) late and when questioned by his wife as to his whereabouts, his excuses swiftly collapse into the plots of well-known fiction.

Examples include The Lord of the Rings, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dune, 24, a specified episode of The A-Team, the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty, the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles, and even The Holy Bible...which his wife stops him on because she knows he will recite the whole Bible to her. " "I was getting tag-fucked in a pub toilet." At one point, Clive is abducted by aliens who cover him in lipstick marks and beer.

When his long-suffering wife coolly points out his obvious plagiarism, Clive is forced to reveal his actual whereabouts. When Clive says he has to get home, the aliens tell him to say exactly what happened.

This usually involves something sexually degrading, such as bestiality or S&M, and, on one memorable occasion prior to being humiliated, his desperate catch-phrase is: "... " As the series progresses, his wife eventually reaches the point where she cuts him short in one episode (she is due to meet her friend Janice in five minutes), and in another she cuts him off as he is about to reveal a spoiler for the next episode of 24, which she hasn't seen yet. Unfortunately, because Clive is like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, he replies, "Actually, I haven't got that good of a track record." In the final Liar Clive skit, she has actually left him at last, and it is revealed that he is delivering his pathetic excuses to only himself in a mirror, meaning he can finally smile ironically and conclude; "I knew you would believe me!

In one, as soon as Clive arrives, she barks out: "Excuse? " Liar Clive's skits are always prefaced by him walking home at night to the sound of "Lovely Head" by Goldfrapp.

Designed & directed by British animation director / illustrator Steve May, Ivan Dobsky is a supposed notorious criminal, known as "the Meat-Safe Murderer", held in custody in the high-security H. Prison Crowmarsh, and, after its destruction at Ivan's hand at the end of Series 1, New Crowmarch PLC High Security Prison.

Despite his repeated protests that he "never done it" and that his confession had been coerced by various methods of police torture and brutality, he was convicted for killing a typist at a meat-safe in 1974 by strangling her with a pair of ladies' pants.

Dobsky bears more than a passing resemblance to the true case of wrongly convicted Stefan Kiszko.

Dobsky has the mental age of a four-year-old child, speaks in a soft, flowing Carlisle accent, and generally gives the impression of being a completely harmless simpleton.

However, the prison warders describe him as the most dangerous man in Western Europe, and keep him in strict confinement, restrained by methods very similar to those used for Hannibal Lecter in Jonathan Demme's film version of The Silence of the Lambs.

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