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week: • Nc.\t week our Molker st Day u«uc features two of Australia's \jtst- known mothrfii On ihr cover ii a cliiiiniin^ '-'f Jean Sedgouin, (ennn star Fujit Srdixni Bn^ wife, with ilirir I mby ddiiijl Ltcr, who Wtt bnm [jn Fi-liruary h Mri L Snra, ihr Qiij Ja' innthrr. State IU meel ftir a iperul Mother'i Duv hmjdcniit. With thr execprion nf thotr bruad- cn' the nstioojil «tcytion t there arc frw cf Juratinnat broadeastk 1 -uvtuld li kr to nee in ndti Tt rducotion itfriei *tariri|, hrnjtdriiit in ihr rven- irm prt)|i*Tarrtme4 ut abuut V.. which it a rrmvrnient hour for int Mt people, tnde^d what li ihrrr to itop broadcu E- in% fia Tiom jtuiitutin D; under tbe aefr Et ni a univernity j n-rics of Irtttire* for which Jls- trncri rrauld ^- : and r-ventuslly «ain » c Hplomu or de((f*r? ,iii U Mut hr waj not on any juoont to 1* disturbed by amhodv, including Brent UL Gabe .lcqinuw cd |M»litc J^ but distantly. 1 hni ihr :ilii»hlejit iripvcment ol any anicle mi»t have precipitated a Unc Bfeitf. Shi- fum Wed alonu the wall for a Lijiht-iwiuh, widiout find' ini it. AFTF, R m ■ riding each other for about right months, Elsd Maxwell and ihr Du liradljnr^ m rrw»- j m jmt» in ihi Einittl-ih-vjir \akirnr, world. Tut Aumtauit N Women's Wemit - May 5, 1954 mi", pkiy "I hclir-vr rhat she righr ihjog lo du in ihts life is lo do good — w long as Eft fun. No»w you mnti e;o- my kne in Auiirailia." Shr held out her hand, and I l«-f[ Hrr leifelary hrlprd m:■■ ur'/A a tuiigltttl prt Thii ttcatnirnt r M&fl fftrm /iitf AA hiuk- FXNNABtf. 19S* National Library of Australia MOTHER- "itmt if yum'r* aick and li Vrrf of Hearing in tringring. Harkley to ferl injurrd if "Willie was actually his given name, but I don't think much u{ his prnpened soltition, What ■« thr children "Iliry wjuld br ({iven numliers liltr Beverley Ni--hol V ' iii? by "Willie." LAST week 1 mentioned the antics of a magpie in a busy Sydney street. it/ T^mpr, LEW I Ml Chrimf ' bttrrh $A, L'-.w, »- . Aim Lhr J- folttr tprrad preaeutx Nimr [Itth^htlnl child atudicii, *rtrt (rii frtjtn rntrlri tu .t niitinn- widc photograph! Tt would br a trt- rnrjtdnin boon In people in the counlry who art- debm-rc lift ^iihi Hjt troffii; poticeuicn? Humphrey left the ruotn Willi tut usual ol parental irritation. Henry would gladly ha\* watched a Undilide; the thing he longed la buy was several layers down. lumpily miffed, wnriy, it MUattyed an an ornamentnl rock, and its. "Far an old thing Il L ■ Ihac' 1 " "Don'i yoi) know the oldci thin^i get the monn'i matter. Yuu might lell greut-aunt I tn here.'' The clerk tried to »y wirnetliing and Henrv raised hi* voice. The phone rang and thr clerk picked it up with a positively strangling hnnd, Hrnry strolled into ihr lounge, At first \ight it did nut look hopeful. band to iom-h hi* uniform "No [t — I ffucii I jttit wanted |r In jure wm wrrr rra I Nrw York it a very mfc city, lin'l it? She hant»tcd a mqinriit beiide the Mr steel hlc»--'trmp- Tumors found totf sound 'LTKASt MIC a unit J —pitrhrtl too hiffh for thr humnn rne In hrnr — l» medical E tr.irncr't irnrvsr imf Ki'i = in t /. Trthtiirinn* at Hojttl = Prlnee Alfrrtt tia*ptlt*l. S'yrfnej-, a/r i an | «j .'r - -i - • Wai d and it"» a ibanti' f'U GCWt bt Wrt a Rain and 1 ju« rnnit talur ad- anhio of it, I jult nnrsl. For almou evrrvthinn ihn T rhit prodiffiouii party-givrr and "name-dropper" dor* in new*. nwinvt farm „ guaij of hon#r 1m cefrfrrilies nrrtrtfiji nf «, film premier* at ihe flax* Throtrr, j V r « I' or ft. And if it'k fun, it's gtaos L "Lei me ier whti\ in thr rast- Oh. Sir Ed- w;ird Mnnr I hi* f.ithrr was a grrat Cfilonuil Secretary i, w'ung I^oul Hudlry and vuliu; f^ird Kdnjun, l»rd P&Tirhrv tci, who'* pcrfc Lily cfwmung. " "Mhti Maxwell, I thought very highly of your mrnioiii I especially liked your attack on mobi and lume-dmppert.- It whr timely atid itewrved." Oh, dear me, ye*. u it* rlmt't jam irl ui m*y HOPEFUL Thim ranrimlr* thr rh'trii n'r Sorh Until lomarrtm night— plratarit drfamml*' It seems to me .-'«" THERE is a great satis- pliiiuij/iii n Y faction in making things with your own hands. know that T lack tie still to run up anything Only thr other djiy, mi tip n screwdriver and two screws, I triumphal] I ly replaced a cup- i ■• 1 ■ ■ ■ J ca U'h in the position it hart hern in before it wnrked loc*e. This view was induced by tin: faci that his own real Christian name was "Willie." although he hat cancelled it fur nun) a lung year. This week I have another interesting THE other day I read a piece about nature note. Indeed, no-me of them am ma Meri of the o W sta^r rrirk of wnvfnfl a b'frr handkefchief to concentrate attrtition on ti iniefvetl and take it away from odicrs ST;iny nor Mbraintvil wnuirn hive nmifar Uijitrm.' Thnr stolrs nrver dip oil their ihoul- d Jrri and they can dangle a pirrc of late ar ell Ifrni m that it rnrnplpff S U [lirturr But there tee others o T us who. Fran Thob Si linnilcr, cacti p;iir iv -in rxi (ustivc mmir] planned in rolnr, ttt XC, and line for a partirijlar Upr of face and will never be repealed in mass production. of try tkrir wadding, ntr Crdin Run Uanru and hit bride, formcth Cttrmrn Sidutll.

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Th* pi.-dci- trianx are naturally just a» amtiouj to rr:o h thnr dritina- tiutu aj the motoriiti, a faet which car-owneri are inclined ro overlook Mi» M Mr Kihhin, nrum- mbyue, N. P»prr Kijutw, Mt aitllibk &Li M-ibuinr-e- L.rllrr- Bait )IBC. National Library of Australia 4024 wilfouf^ 0/ IWj miff Ifi Mut tftdfali (Seam National Library of Australia Have your MOTHER'S DAY GREETINGS personally delivered mw srr-;n,u. Thr policeman wni yotitnf, i«n much oldrr than (he hrr- tilf Ha rrddrnrd a litdr. f ymimcff." Francyi drrw j tlrrp hrruih Yi-i t ran Ukt evrr. upon further COR- ^idrrallon, » hut-fuden timdi^ Shr fnr^d the mirror hrhtnd ihr •■Lidu fo Liiitairj. She drrldr H nil ihr I Ullllr A* vaatly morr -•fr-i m-r Shr prartiard lower - inn hrr Lathri, nprnina hrr fl Jf H \ttv widr in ailnmiihment ■Siandin^ by ihr counter, Mdting la pay, ihr jrpphrd rnmr lipctkk. Ser if ynu can ftnd a:' Yum \ * Ntaeute 'tid Shr advaneed on the dr»k, rif Tlint; thrvugh thr paper* on it. -.: - jil.i-i- wliirh the Queen Mother, then Duchcu of York, replied tu the cjuesnnn" "Did yau evrt attend t^-dv Cunard's tod*\ fumlioiii? nu, Bi'flie ,iiir.l I j.rtn'1 rhir rrmuirh fnr hi-r." Klu Maxwell w-u hi urn. Her hitme life mta nftii ilnil, and at time* agonised I the srjria] micchum uf hf frtendi roniing from more fnt tutia Lely plai.c;d famili^ lloivever, hr T father branch home marr- rrlehrme* fror the theatre and nuuical work' inrludjng Adclina Wan, haps the pesfe M opera Hat c: the agr, whom the youthfu. hp had Ii an ^tratiidiiury iiai Tir, "Hr assistant or tome- thing to your Prime Minister Very able man, very charm- ing. "l*he pianist motionlr M and the "work" proved lo be a silence tif four minutes 33 seconds. Cimi M piwfcr the mtdtettce hupnieu of ail With oiche Mntinn nilrrrrri 10 incll«Jf flrr hum m/ cawwnillinir •• the "pick of the crop," many being from 'Kulnun,' Co Uee'a own citrus orchards. a» "ptobn Li U tin- uldetit Witi dim *«» ■« ihr RATHER SHY In t Ur hright mnflu M, T'lirniigji /..«»'» t.a Ay. " I Iti-v luuiit- lit im ctflri ink- me ill the mi'jvir 'Dxj Linx (uiy % bet - * m * r wn hud bee 1 1 planting nir rt lypiin trt^-i I'm I'OOIs iii thr hope of one dtiv h.ivinn *ome iy{ vour koylun n ffe^t thai wo .1 Iv that Thr\ hnvr »owif h*lhnr— « I Hwfi tin- Mtrnth iji'iii«. 19S4 National Library of Australia 4038 Gl amor glasses • A colkwlio D uf model spectacles designed ati f auburn acc«'SBoriea ratlier limn as fimrtumal iiei'eh Silic H been broiifdit hi Au^lmliii from :t tiny workshop in Stuttfiiirt.

O PO Ficsnt o Prina in sur Linc Btreel t-vrih i Box WIO. In a world thut ii *o hill of *iirfr Tmg, where mil- lion* prjij.h nf famine, it np agaiuii tin- Trrniii to rrad d! 1 nhotild Iii*- u gn hold of tho§e vaporing femalr* who parade on the biped Pod of a dog-le Aih wnd heat wime lommon »rnjc urid decenrv into them with 2 "thtrk •tic Jt. and hr knew that it war* a qurn Linn which wmild hair lo be aimwctcc L Ii would not br easy to meet ESieiiuii K t£ttr t homst cyci and lie convincingly KMttt whatever it was- -rind Humphn-y ri-j|i«rd thai hr would have to lie vrry convincinflk jiuj-^d to fpol Hrmn;i, who knrw him well. Hr win M^nfi dii WJl*(»ini W tliiim i wiih Hutu pfiri Vi wifr. rti Hnrnjihi.1, - [ood, Tr%tcd k rontenird, whilr Hum- phrey wimid be ouj fa the jij Rhi, Hm IUa^ bft Kfr rtita btti ru Koi J.iphet Biisgst \j(J you hrmh your itimlyiii fur (hr Btttitt C rli-p.nt- l UCJlt? huuti'miut ,in Ydunger had nothing nit Humphrey now Nodiin^ at il Humphrey a free man. Hr chrikrd thr loading, l Ud the gun into hit in I Rr£rettflbly\ lir not inr il. on Krat KVl Mliqu'lir, hut he might need n for purpu»r*. They appeared ftfl il ihrr ought to hr worth ifl Supposr he were to split doc opru and find a ruby, newt and wet as a winc-giim? 1 1 run saw himself tapping the yellow kernel on ro hi- puirn and raiine, 'You only havr in know which ntmrs." He picked one up His finger* felt dry with all L, bill the great pebble was warm and comfortiug- "'Henry— you're not going tn that? Suhito Senior had nought a comii, "Somerhiitg for you lo read, Henry, whilr Mum and rac tair a mro U," "Wouldn't you Lke to come with in, dea T? " Henr\ rn-j^r- t When ihry moved away, hr louked at His comir The front page wai about Rideri of ihe t Ard foilrh. Belwern ihr bus trlminun find die Mat inr Garden* hr judged it »a/e in il,u ken iu 4 walk. at reception, i Mw Ca H M ni and hi* bride ul their redding M St.

TAJMAMJ*,, L*Ti Uj O^flui'V ■i Wrrjw ii hai come to Parii- ityled fafthions far dogn, bai ii? ) To judge by ionur of the pie- turn of French fashion^ it ili LUitdn't r\en happen lo a dog. "It's a lannf thing," she said, "hat I ieel i knv* yea," ' J Page 3 National Library of Australia 401 9 Flu MOIMUK ^J^hefivtr you tir under hi*, m lorgrt everything in the wor Id bul ha luw and dtrvothm to him. ihat there had brrn a nueitinn in Brcnrui'« eyes when he had ^ern her hi*i. ' I'm just going to ' 1 Kor thr 1 bird limr, Huinphrrty vietit Khfo Mth hu titder* lifaiuin nut bcin^ riiituihed bv Hnvune. We'll be very ■ ii m.utnrr Rt Kntt japhn luni^ln ojl M (im- ttmted domwtluiiy. " J.k|th«i li Mjkcd thiiu^hiluliy nupii Md Dul Van i ■ ■.! Ym, 1 fobbed i L I'wd the lab, cjf :i fnrnd ol mine thi» jfiriin^in on th|" ir ■ii Rachel Siihiniton'a own hair." Humphrey's rrlief ji this newi was slightly rlouded by •hr far i that hr had hern rhjrgrd five dollarf per uiiva U jjt of ihr oiiitmrni. for the rtnv* that he could not be iraii-d through it. would lien br our to ainur uhrn tnld ti» tlu Jbing, if »hr Wttt iairtl with 4 . There wen only (he pebble* to look at, tine big pebbles, smooth as eggi. " Kreiinit h« relief^ Henry Hilkily dtopped hi) fianc. Then he tumrd over on hii itoni ULh and watched ht parnt Li trampui R up 1 he beach. ■• I"..k "Ifc'» not reailtun hi» iinhiie." '"Hetiry doesn't wnon to care for Trading — only book*/* "He ought to want to improve bi^ muid.'* Hii w Sbet tigtutd If w^iuldn'i lv natii Tal '' Whm they were out r 'i L'loak-mom t wavhed hii haiidn. It UHift the young man u terond or two to reconcile what Henry bad mjd with Hrtiry'i pate and priwy look, Rv then Hrnry had prudently nipped away.

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I -i.l' .• it* owa unique mite, lit own inimitable (Kivmality lh Jirrnevc Their dittnrbni£ in.. I tiin be youtv CHTHE' PERFUME Tho q'liat claul^ ti T C.f y kpa MM tr.d horn* b, 4K**r ftftc RMIl In cry Jlal J "'J 'jo 1 '- .»j an J poarl *n eiquii Til (JB-lu M-* — --irff igphi"Oi Laled . And of this awful finure, 71 per cent, of alt fatal accident* resulted four] human failing* the road t OCClc Skd was primarily responsible for Ins own death. liri^ht niniancr by H^crl Uvin^stonf First inutulrnr lit nf a t WO-pii Tt ICrial, " \ppoin I- ntrni iti Htinjfk Dnj." by Kdthryn Grom Mil, iii Uir utiir issue. But it did texm j M-rtinrn L to Rnchc Vi dt-flih, and she knew »hr ih-mld u lo thr pp Sc C with it, a bird watcher, too." Hr would be," said Humphrey Rnmly " What did he trll yuu? airno H ataejitly h hii mind Mill on the North Amcm iiii pluuoj, probjbly. ibnii Kh, if he could ju»i uir it on Fmjioi Maeuuel I liiinplirry b-lt Iwtter nw, i Iran, rrfm Jird, prewuialik He wctit into Brenna'i rwm, retrieved 'br Run Imm whrrr hr hi'.d hirklrn it ru • nl llu- h.} Tags: , ,