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In this June 2001 ABC News/Beliefnet Poll, a random national sample of 1,022 Americans was asked to identify their religious affiliation in an open-ended question.

Respondents were then asked to give their views on questions about stem-cell research, political affiliation, and abortion.

Interviews were conducted during both weekdays and weekends. The respondent selected was the male or female in the household with the most recent birthday.

Random Digit Dialing was used and replicated by census region.

If initial contact was not made with potential contacts, two additional attempts at contact were made over the next 23 hours.

For more information about sampling procedures, see the TNS Intersearch of Horsham, PA Web site.

For more information about this survey Unit/855a1Stem-Cell Research.pdf Unit/855a2Abortion.pdf Unit/855a3According to the methodology page of the ABC News Web site Vault/story?

id=145373&page=1, Final data are weighted using demographic information from the Census to adjust for sampling and nonsampling deviations from population values.Respondents customarily are classified into one of 48 cells based on age, race, sex and education.Weights are assigned so the proportion in each of these 48 cells matches the actual population proportion according to the Census Bureaus most recent Current Population Survey.Even diligent students of the papacy may be unfamiliar with the pontificates of Michael and Pius XIII.Pope Michael, born David Bawden, was crowned on July 16, 1990.He has spent his papacy mostly at home, in Delia, Kansas, where he writes self-published books such as .

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