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” “You are highlighting the best part of yourself with authenticity,” Lee said.

While both men and women compile their profiles in the same way, only females are allowed to make the first move if they are interested in another user.

This gives a woman control of her visibility and maintains a certain level of safety because, as Lee puts it, “if women don’t feel safe, they’re not going to stick around in that space.” Another unique aspect of Siren: Women can elicit a “Siren Call,” which puts out notifications to a select group of men who are up to meet in the moment.

“We’ve created a space for our community to feel safe opening up to discover the spontaneous charm of others that makes us smile,” Lee said.

When Lee explains Siren’s philosophy, she uses a real-life party analogy to compare the app to her competition.

Sites like, she says, are like parties that require a 10-page interview form to be completed before you even arrive.

A user’s profile is generated over time through responses to daily questions and video challenges (generated by local cultural icons and businesses) designed to reveal qualities of each person.

None of the sites incorporated the serendipity or peripheral discovery that had been central to meeting the past men in my life.” Here’s how Siren works.

“At the same time, the seemingly endless ‘choices’ felt like eating a giant box of cereal where you’re not sated, but you’ve gotten tired of eating.

Lee, who has degrees in molecular biophysics, biochemistry, secondary science education, and ceramics from schools including Yale and Columbia, was inspired to build Siren after she pinpointed several inefficiencies in the online dating market — which she describes as “inane and infantile in its intrinsic design.” “On all dating sites, there was immediate discomfort, like women were pinned insects under a spotlight,” explained Lee.

“We’ve created the first mobile platform designed for unexpected and constructive flirting,” Lee tells Geek Wire.

Arriving in the App Store this week is Siren, a dating app that gives power to women and ditches the notion of “matching” that is the focus of today’s popular dating services.

But Seattle entrepreneur Susie Lee thinks there’s room for another one — a unique tool that lets women make the first move and takes inspiration from Lee’s experience as a respected contemporary digital artist.

Lee calls them “conversation starters” that are fun to answer. ” or, “what did you want to be when you were a child?

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