Anne schoenberger robert pattinson dating

The noise is deafening; a mounting, high-pitched wall of sound that resonates like a fire alarm.

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‘But when we came back to LA to do reshoots there were 500 fans at the set, with girls screaming and people asking for my autograph.

I get a lot of crying from teenage girls, but lately a lot of them actually want me to bite them, which is a bit worrying.

'Another girl started undressing in front of me in the street.

To get my attention she’d asked me what she could do, so as a joke I said, “Take all your clothes off.” But then she actually started taking her clothes off right there!

Some people are really desperate.’It sounds as worrying, I suggest, as when two participants at a charity auction in Cannes last year bid nearly £40,000 between them to buy their two daughters a single kiss each on the cheek from Pattinson.

‘One day I was a normal bloke and then the next I wasn’t,’ he mutters, shuffling uncomfortably in his seat. Pure bloody madness.’ Madness it may be, but Pattinson is the hottest young male star in Britain today.‘The day before the Harry Potter London premiere I was just sitting in Leicester Square, happily being ignored by everyone. He first came to national attention in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, in which he played Cedric Diggory (he reprised the role in The Order Of The Phoenix); with Twilight, he graduated from wizard to vampire, and the franchise – and his fame – will surely run and run.Morgan says, ‘As the handsome young star of the Twilight films, Pattinson is beloved of teenage girls and other moody types.That fact makes him a nailed-down cert to be the most sought-after British movie star of 2010.And that, in turn, makes him matter.’ He wasn’t, however, ready for any of this.His mother Clare, a model-agency booker, and father Richard, a vintage-car dealer, sent him to private schools near their home in Barnes, south-west London – Tower House prep and then Harrodian.

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