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Tomorrow, we're giving away a free fill-up at every gas station in America.

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Said one friar, "Well, if it was anyone else we could've gotten away from it, but unfortunately, only Hugh can prevent florist friars."Colin: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer dead at 53. Over Barcelona today the famed reindeer was hit by a flock of seagulls and a 747. Colin: It's Wayne: We need your head to bounce a laser off of to communicate with the satellite!

Eyewitnesses report that the reindeer in Spain was hit mainly by the plane. Ryan: (holding Colin's head as if it was a volleyball) You're my only friend on this island.

Ryan: You know what, Colin, I'd love to buy a CD set like this, but I'll bet it's expensive.

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Ryan: Yeah, didn't catch onto my "need look no more" clue. Drew: OH, Wayne: I like chicken fricassee, chicken breast, chicken hambone, a little bit of chicken soup, chicken meal, chicken broth, chicken ice cream, chicken cake, and oh yeah, I like chicken cheesy-poofs sometimes but they really don't make... I like chicken steak, chicken meal, chicken potpourri, but only on Wednesdays, and sometimes when Kyle comes over, Kyle's mom won't let him eat chicken, 'cause Kyle's mom is a big... The police forced the friars to close down their stall, which was outside the Playboy mansion, where they had been selling flowers. And for you Canadians, what does that work out to, Col?

Ryan: (singing; Colin joins in after a couple words) We both found what we were looking for! Colin: Famous Playboy Hugh Hefner successfully managed to stop an order of monks from operating a business on his property.

This is one patron who is really gonna miss that hickory daiquiri doc.

Colin: Bars across America were saddened today by the death of Dr. The famous doctor who, as a sideline, would make exotic drinks from wood sap, died suddenly today.

Ask for your free Beatles tickets; you won't be sorry.

We're gonna give away free tickets at Wal-Mart tomorrow for the big "Whose Line Is It Anyway? Make sure you're up bright and early when Wal-Mart opens tomorrow.

Drive to your local gas station, get your free tank of gas, and tell them "Whose Line" sent you. Drew: Hey, if you're keeping score at home, let me tell you about a special "Whose Line" offer we have.

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