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) our subscription department for this information. We'll need your full name, address and zip code to process your inquiry. Well I shot two scenes but porn by any other name is still somebody fucking on camera. What I'm saying here is when I can't cum I watch a porn.

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Most of the time I nerd out by reading some sort of erotic fiction involving a woman getting nailed by the bejeweled handle of the sword of the Captain of the Guard but that doesn't always work. When James Deen tweeted that he was accepting submissions from regular folks like me to film scenes with him I laughingly turned to my coworker and said, "Oh, let's submit! A few hours later I received an email from his model coordinator letting me know I was oh-so-adorable and if it wasn't too last minute could I pop up to New York next weekend to shoot some porn y'all! I weirdly love planning a trip almost as much as I love going on the trip itself.

When it fails me I turn to the Internet, everyone's best friend/worst enemy. I prefer two women because that provides what I require visually, otherwise it's heavy on the beej jobs and tons of cum shots through the heart. That's when I realized we were actually talking about porn here. I started researching hotels in New York with only one criteria in mind: find a room that is the least porntastic as possible.

I went back and forth, listing the usual pros and cons: I considered what this could mean for my future as a standup comic, or as a person. Friends that had told me he was occasionally somewhat rough with women but this email proved that all activities were decided upon beforehand and it let me know that this is MY porn and I'll cry, get spanked, get tied up if I want to. I just flew in and boy are my arms tired guess I'll just nap in front of the TV no sex here. Out of curiosity I watched one of Deen's amateur videos.

I don't have any religious or emotional ties to sex. i was wondering what days would be best for us to shoot? During the course of our exchanges we discussed how we wanted things to go. I envisioned Deen not really "feeling it," so I would just do 20 minutes of standup in some hotel room for him. The only thing I could think the entire time was why didn't this girl make her bed?

I don't think I'm going to hell nor do I think you have to be in love to do the deed. also, what type of stuff are you into, what you envision for this scene, would you want to do more than one scene, is there a place you would feel comfortable shooting? basically i just want to make sure to provide you with the perfect porno experience and that we have as much fun as imaginable. James told me that if there was no sexual chemistry we could just hang around and joke all day. I could not get past the fact that her bed was so disheveled. Once I found a lovely room I booked my train and that was it. I looked around the room and had bizarre thoughts like: Should I leave the book I'm reading on the nightstand? I don't want the whole world to see what my laptop looks like.

You see, if those two factors were really an issue then women wouldn't get wet and men wouldn't get erect unless we were happily married. I shared the good news with Deen's press agent and received this email from Mr. The first thing I did when I checked into the hotel was take note of the two giant red velvet chairs that were not pictured on the website. I went to the gym for obvious reasons then proceeded to treat the whole affair as if I were going to prom. It didn't occur to me that the whole world was about to see what my lap looked like, my naked lap.

That's not how the human body works, however, so it seems like we were built for sexual speed as opposed to marital comfort, at least physically. The room felt a little warm so I decided to adjust the temperature to, you guessed it, 69 degrees. There was a knock on the door and I opened it while brushing my teeth.

I finally decided to do it for the simple reason of: why not? I have 10 tattoos but something about blood donating/vaccination needles has always given me pause. I'm late to everything, including my own porn movie.

As a female standup comic, and as a female human being, I've heard all manner of horrible things said about me, most of which are unfounded. Could it possibly be because they are so large it would appear they are about to penetrate your very soul. It's probably because I have small veins, or so I've been told. James rolled in with a huge suitcase and an even bigger smile. At this point he may have complete ownership of all my internal organs. The shoot began outside with us strolling through the streets of NYC while he filmed us on his cell phone, just chatting.

People are going to think or say terrible things about you regardless of what you do in life so you might as well have some control over it. It helps that James Deen is what I like to call a bit of a hipster porn star. It takes even the most accomplished nurse at least two tries before they can find one, all while giggling about how tiny they are. Although this time was extra fun because they required three vials of my blood. I read aloud funny good luck text messages from various friends. At least one of us got paid in money, experience and fun.

I can't stop a man on the street from attempting to secretly undress me using his brain when I walk by, but I can ensure that he has to pay X amount of dollars to actually see it so... He is respected both within and outside of the porn community and feminists the world over really dig him. We got a coffee then sat in front of a church, as one is wont to before a porn, and joked around like old friends on God's front porch. In between we talked about comedy and I mentioned liking John Mulaney.

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