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Woods (June 10, 1982) Advertisement for Southern Soul Saving Workshop (June 15-18, 1980) FLORIDA CHURCHES - LAKELAND Florida School of Preaching Lectureship (advertisement) "Highlands/Lakeland Building Destroyed By Fire" (unidentified article) FLORIDA CHURCHES - MIAMI Brochure from Cutter Ridge Church of Christ on Miami Internships FLORIDA CHURCHES - MIAMI CENTRAL "The History of Central Church of Christ 1911-1985" (booklet) FLORIDA CHURCHES - MIAMI SUNSET "The History of Central Church of Christ 1911-1985" (booklet) Letter from Ancil Jenkins to R. Letter to Gospel Advocate from Atlanta Church of Christ (Oct.22, 1868) "Churches of Christ in Georgia" (2 booklets: 19) 3 issues of "Emphasis" 4 issues of "Georgia" from Trion Church of Christ Map of the Churches of Christ in Georgia, 1967 Issue of "Touch" (newsletter of Medical Outreach, Jan.

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" Letter from Elders IDAHO CHURCHESWe have details of 1 item(s) in this folder.

22 bulletins from Tenth & Ustick Church of Christ, Caldwell ID "40th Anniversary Magic Valley Churches of Christ" (booklet) List of Churches of Christ in Idaho "History of the Church of Christ in Weiser, Idaho" (paper) "The Church of Christ" (tract from Jerome, Idaho) "Christ Our Master: Lesson 6" (tract from Nampa, Idaho) ILLINOIS CHURCHES - HISTORYWe have details of 2 item(s) in this folder.

"Trails of the Past" (booklet) "The Beginning of the Church in Illinois" by Lowell Williams (student paper) c.16 historical documents, pieces of correspondence, etc.

ALABAMA CHURCHESWe have details of 4 item(s) in this folder.

History of the Catoma Street Church of Christ 1879-1973 by Durden Stough Monthly Report from the Alpine Hills Church of Christ in Mobile, Alabama (Nov. Alaska Salute You" (pamphlet) ARIZONA CHURCHES - HISTORYWe have details of 1 item(s) in this folder. 11, 1987) "Goodnews Newsletter" (Mountain Avenue C of C, Tucson, AZ, April 1985) "The Bridge" (Phoenix Christian High School, Phoenix, AZ, Dec.-Jan.-Feb. 22, 1954) ARKANSAS CHURCHES - AMITY "Caddo Valley Church" (The Old Time Chronicle, June 1989) ARKANSAS CHURCHES - CENTER POINT - NEW VIEW Photocopied information dating from the late 19th century which includes business and preaching records, as well as Sunday School department records ARKANSAS CHURCHES - HISTORYWe have details of 2 item(s) in this folder.

1977) ALABAMA CHURCHES - ROCKY SPRINGS 15 photographs of Rocky Springs C of C c.15 miscellaneous articles and bulletins about history of Rocky Springs C of C ALASKA CHURCHES "The Churches of Christ in . 1989) 5 miscellaneous documents and financial reports ARIZONA CHURCHES - PRESCOTT Letter from E. Issue of "Progression" (Central Arkansas Christian Schools, Summer 1988) Issue of "Pulaski County Christian" (Dec.

1961) 13 installments of "The Church in Arkansas" (in News of the College Church of Christ) 1955 Membership Roster from C of C, Camden AR Records from Columbia Church of Christ (2 miles North of Waldo, 1/2 mile South of Lamartine) from 1869-1890 ARKANSAS CHURCHES - JOHNSON Information about C of C, Johnson AR ARKANSAS CHURCHES - LITTLE ROCKWe have details of 2 item(s) in this folder. Delno Roberts (March 8, 1985) see also church bulletins box files for Little Rock: Sixth and Izard C of C; Pleasant Valley C of C ARKANSAS CHURCHES - NEW LIBERTY Brief history of New Liberty C of C, Cleveland AR BRAZIL (2) Sao Paulo (travel brochure) "Guia: Letras Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias a Letras Universidade de Sao Paulo" (1966 booklet) "They Go With the Gospel - To Brazil in June" (Firm Foundation, April 25, 1961) "Centenario Da 'Convencao de Itu': 18 de abril de 1873 - 18 de abril de 1973" (booklet) "Protestant Missions in Brazil" (April 1968 directory) Issue "Status of Christianity: Brazil" (May 1972) "Ham Links Up Family from Abilene to Brazil" (Abilene Reporter-News, May 9, 1978) CALIFORNIA CHURCHESWe have details of 2 item(s) in this folder. Tract from Ventura Church of Christ Central Church of Christ, Bakersfield, CA (church directory) Quail Springs Church of Christ bulletin (August 31, 1983) CALIFORNIA CHURCHES - HOLLYWOOD 4 issues of "Hollywood Visitor" CALIFORNIA CHURCHES - LONG BEACH "An Assessment of the 37th and Atlantic Church of Christ in Long Beach, California" by Greg G. 100 bulletins from Culver-Palms C of C CALIFORNIA CHURCHES - SANTA BARBARA "Turnpike Road Church of Christ Welcomes You To Its Community Day!

" (April 20, 1975) "Relevance of Restoration" (advertisement from College Church of Christ) "1994 Santa Barbara Campus Ministry" (pamphlet) COLORADO CHURCHESWe have details of 3 item(s) in this folder.

28 bulletins and directories from Boulder, Canon City, Denver, Rocky Mtn., Durango, and Lakewood Issue of Colorado Christian (May 15, 1936) COLORADO CHURCHES - COLORADO SPRINGS Issue of "Koinonia" (Winter 1993) COLORADO CHURCHES - LITTLETON Bulletins COLORADO CHURCHES - PUEBLO Information about Broadway At Orman C of C CONNECTICUT CHURCHES Issues of "New England Light" (April 6, 1980, June 26, 1983) 1970 membership list of Stamford CN C of C Advertisement from New London C of C Issue of "Nutmeg Notes" "A History of the Lords Church in Danbury, Connecticut" by David Tarbet (booklet) CONNECTICUT CHURCHES - NEW HAVEN New Haven Newsletter, Jan.

20, 1961 FLORIDA CHURCHES - GAINESVILLE "Chronicles "Chronicles of University City Church of Christ" (booklet) Information about Crossroads Church of Christ (copies of articles and letters) FLORIDA CHURCHES - HISTORY Hialeah Church of Christ Directory 1967-68 Andrew Avenue Church of Christ Bulletins Central Miami Church of Christ Bulletin Central Church of Christ Bulletin Issue 5:2 of "Are you Sure? " by Elmer Morgan (tract) FLORIDA CHURCHES - PENSACOLAWe have details of 1 item(s) in this folder.

" "Pioneer of the Gospel in Pensacola, Florida, Retires." Gospel Advocate, March 17, 1983 Letter from Crossroads Church of Christ to Reuel Lemmons, Jimmie Lovell, Yater Tant, and Guy N. Program for 19th Annual Bellview Lectures at Bellview Church of Christ (1994) GEORGIA CHURCHESWe have details of 1 item(s) in this folder.

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