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Date: 28th June 2016 Subject: BBC Radio Ulster - use of music from your website Hi Guys, I have been listening to music on your library with pure glee.

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I would love to play a couple of your song recordings leading up to Willie Clancy Week. Thank you, Marty Cullen, BBC Radio Ulster [Hi Marty, We’d be delighted if you used the music on our website in your programme.

As well as the Singers and Songs of Clare the Traditional Music section we have just added a new Live Recordings section

Many Thanks, Maureen Comber, Clare County Library]ate: 22nd June 2016 Subject: Surname change Hello Thank you for your great website, there is so much information and it's so well put together.

All the hard work that has gone into developing and maintaining the site is very much appreciated.

I am using the site for genealogy purposes and I have found out lots about my ancestors who are from Drumdegus in Kilmurry Mc Mahon. My grandmother was Nora Power and her father was Sinon Power. They had 5 boys, Patrick, Thomas, Michael, John and my Father Sinon.

There appears to have been a change of Surname from Mc Gannan to Bohannon - my grandmothers grave stone reads Nora Bohannon erected by her husband Pat.One of their children (Michael) also assumed the surname Bohannon.(I have discovered much of the above information from the website using the links to census and graveyard data). I will forward your email to our local studies librarian who will contact you shortly.Are you able to point me in the direction of any information relating to this? In the meantime, I would recommend that you take a look at TRACING YOUR FAMILY TREE - Tips from Clare County Library at the Check-list and Tips for Family Historians Intending to Visit Clare at f=1&t=1548 and at our extensive genealogy data available online at at our links to genealogical services at links to genealogical sources at our surname distribution maps (select the People tab) at 52.86467Z9F1* I would also recommend that you take a look at our Clare Past forum at You may well feel that members of the forum may be able to assist you.

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