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Better maintain prime physical shape to advance from the trenches.

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There's a pay grade advance here, but earning your wings will require additional training with a flight simulator program at the base.

Mechanical skill is a must and logic is not far behind.

You survived your Airborne tour and made it to "the brass".

Charisma is important here, as you'll need to drill fear, loyalty, and discipline into those jar-heads.

Tracking the enemy with the latest equipment is your whole life right now.

Work on your mechanical skill to keep those highly sensitive machines in top working order and logic skills to interpret all the data you're downloading.

You're well respected and your counsel is often sought.

More logic training will make you a better strategist and charisma will improve your speeches.

Your great leadership accomplishments have brought you to the post of Commander.

No more dodging bullets and crawling under barbed wire.

I don't know but I've been told, scrubbing latrines gets mighty old.

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