Accommodating for electric ovens

Each of our Polin deck ovens offers the low consumption and reliable performance you need to meet your bakery’s unique needs.

As with our other oven options, the electric models are available in various sizes with a variety of functions to suit both your requirements and budget.

We realize that this is an inconvenience for our customers, and we regularly provide this feedback to manufacturers.

We set our prices independently, and because our price on this item is lower than the manufacturer allows us to show you, the item needs to be in your cart first.

The Polin deck oven line has been the only choice for those that do not want to renounce traditional baking techniques and require the highest possible levels of product quality.

Through continued evolution, we have developed models with unmatched flexibility that has paved the way for top quality production of a variety of products and sizes.

This flexibility will satisfy even the most diverse needs, in addition to accommodating the various methodologies of baking.To further expand the value of our deck oven line, we have the ability to offer versions in which different temperatures between oven chambers is easily attainable.When these exclusive features are combined with the many different sizes that we have available, Pro BAKE can provide a deck oven that will fit all of your needs and space requirements.Through our expert technicians and network of service providers throughout the country, we offer full installation and support services no matter where our clients are located.Our unprecedented knowledge of the Polin equipment as well as our professionalism are what allow us to provide the added value that has become such an advantage to our clients.Whether you are looking for the efficiency of cyclothermic ovens, the highest quality baking characteristics offered by steam tube ovens, or the unsurpassed flexibility of electric ovens, you will find it with pro BAKE.

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