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In June 2008, UAE took part in the inaugural Arab Cup of Ice Hockey in Abu Dhabi, also involving the national teams of Algeria, Morocco and Kuwait.

UAE went on to finish first in the standings and won the gold medal after defeating Kuwait 4-1.

UAE won gold in the 2009 IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia.

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Although the team was not ranked in the world rankings, they played against Ireland, Luxembourg, and Greece, and finished last in the group with a record of four losses.

Their new head coach is Teemu Taruvuori of Finland.

In May they participated in the Kuwaiti organised Gulf Ice Hockey Championship, finishing first after winning all three of their games.

UAE decided to withdraw from the 2011 Division III tournament in Cape Town, South Africa because the UAE national team refused to compete against Israel, who was also in the tournament.

They also withdrew from the 2016 Division III tournament as well, with no reason cited.

Earlier this year, Tinder users in the United Arab Emirates hoping for hookups abruptly discovered that the app no longer works properly in that country.

As Hala Khalaf reports for Abu Dhabi-based publication , while users may be able to log in, photos no longer load on the popular people-connecting app. Clearly a rendez-vous with this man would be stellar.

This is a tragedy, not just because lonely types looking for love (or lust) find themselves suddenly cock-blocked, but because Tinder in the UAE was amazing. There are weird Tinder profiles no matter where you use it, but Tinder UAE was next level weird. My sister is currently living in Dubai, and before the app stopped working, she — and her friends — sent me screenshots of weird profiles they had seen on Tinder in Dubai. This assessment stands even if he is the photographer and not the dude pinned to the car by a hangry lion.

Of course, there were plenty of regular, humdrum profiles on Tinder in Dubai. He flies me around the world, although he’s a little noisy. Honestly, this dude seems like he’d be lots of fun at parties.

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