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This will throw the table formatting off and give everyone a headache. All Entries still present, now divided into Current, Chronic, and Old Tables.

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This was not clearly communicated to me, or I misunderstood.

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt here, but worth asking/knowing before interviewing.

Largely one of the least impressive interviews I have gone on in my entire life.

I cannot imagine how desperate a person needs to be to take a position at Worldwide.

Position beginning Fall 2016 in English (Creative Writing) department.

As per the 2016 Creative Writing Wiki: multiple complaints by multiple candidates of poor treatment during initial interviews and campus visits.

First round interviews required the submission of course curricula for specific CSUSB courses without a clear statement for how intellectual property would be treated or preserved. The search committee was made up of four men and only one woman, a pianist.

The candidate who accepted the position was disparaged online by a member of the CSUSB system (including a statement *incorrectly* pointing out the candidate's ethnicity) as documented by IP address. On the first day of the interview, at breakfast, it was only the candidate and the woman SC member.

WIthin five minutes, the SC member asked the candidate if she had children.

When the candidate replied that she did, the SC memebr went on to say that she could not conceive.

Later that day, the candidate was asked again by a male SC member if she "had family here." When the candidate replied that she was indeed married and had two kids, the committee member asked how old the kids were.

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